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Jeremy Savo is a musician, music promoter, and music educator with more than 15 years of professional experience. He is from South Jersey, but recently moved to Maui, Hawaii.


As a performer, Jeremy has toured widely and released several albums with his bands Out of the Beardspace and PanSong, and more recently as a solo artist under his own name. As a music promoter, Jeremy is co-founder and co-director of the South Jersey Music festival Beardfest: a 3 day celebration of creative expression that draws over 2,000 people each year. And as a music teacher, Jeremy teaches a full schedule of students each week ranging in age from 6-65 and in ability levels from absolute beginner to advanced aspiring pro.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of the Arts, having received his degree in guitar performance with honors. He is focused every day on honing his craft, writing and recording new music, helping his students progress in their musical journeys, and building community through his music events and performances.

Jeremy has begun to release a steady stream of music under his own name through his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Through these channels, Jeremy releases covers, originals, interviews, and vlogs. To stay up to date follow him on Instagram: @jeremysavo, subscribe on YouTube, or follow him on Facebook!


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